Virtual Training – How It Works


Virtual Equestrian Training

This is 30 days of training like you would get sending your horse out to a trainer, but the difference … It’s all virtual and you get to learn for yourself and your horse! You will fully understand how to fix the problems your horse is having and permanently have them “In your toolbox” to use forever!

Send in video of your rides weekly, find a tripod or a friend and get some video so I can see exactly what is going on. I will send you your weekly training tweaks and or hop on a the phone to help you best learn. This is a fraction of the price of sending your horse out.! Here’s the catch though, you have to be committed to see a difference with a minimum of three rides a week

– Send in weekly video

– Phone call to get started, and if you feel stuck I am available throughout the week

$200 for 30 days
For clear training specifically designed for you and your horse, as if I were right there in the arena with you!