Training and Lessons

What to expect for my horse in training?

Colt Starting: I will put the verbiage in here shortly!  Being edited



Training REVIEWS:

Review from Misty:  TRAINING

Fallon is amazing! I  have sent several horses to her (4)! All to get started under saddle. Fallon knows how much my babies mean to me and always gives me honest updates and sends tons of pics! I don’t take sending my horses out for training lightly. Fallon has a ton of natural feel and is extremely talented… and it shows… I am consistently impressed with the amount of feel my colts come back home with after just 60 and 90 days. My horses are comfortable and confident in her care. She doesn’t leave ‘holes’ and she doesn’t progress until the horse is ready to. She also isn’t afraid to go back a few steps if a horse is struggling to grasp a concept. So many trainers get frustrated going backwards and spending time on slow work or the basics… However, Fallon will always go backwards if she feels it’s to the horse’s benefit. She always puts the horse and their experience first. She is firm, fair, consistent, honest, and gentle. I sleep peacefully knowing my horses are in her care and guidance. Fallon has also done an excellent job transitioning my colts back over to me and my family… always making sure we have a firm grasp of the buttons she has installed. Prior to starting their training, she always makes sure to have a thorough understanding of what the horse is going to be doing post-training and who is going to be riding them (and that rider’s experience level/riding abilities)… and focuses on making not only a well-rounded horse that is confident in an arena and on trail, but also ensuring they are going to be able to handle their job once home. Her facility is well maintained and the horses receive excellent care while with her! 15/10 recommend!

What to expect with lesson for myself or my child?

I look forward to talking to you about where your headed, I’m well versed in many disciplines, but I enjoy helping rider and horse to better understand each other, and help train your horse through you.  There are lot of variables for lessons, typically they are $45 for approximately an hour, your arena (within 20 mile radius) or mine.  Message me and we can go over the details.

Student Lesson REVIEWS:

Review from Misty:   Fallon has given my 11 year old daughter barrel lessons over the last year. Tears, sweat, dedication, and hard work have led to consistent success in the arena! Fallon doesn’t baby my daughter… she knows her abilities and pushes her to limit! That is exactly what an instructor should do! Maya got a step-up horse last year and had to figure him out. It wasn’t easy… but Fallon was there for her every step of the way. She encourages her, pushes her, and TEACHES her. She has a great way of helping her students understand the goal and breaking it down piece by piece to get there. When she has a win in the arena, Fallon is the first person she wants to call… when she has an off run, Fallon is the first person she wants to watch the video and help her figure out what happened. We love Fallon and so appreciate everything she has done for Maya and her boy, Jordan! Thank you Fallon!!!