Training and Reviews


I am first and foremost a coach and trainer specializing in helping young kids and teens (although more than happy to work with adults and people open to learning) reach their barrel  racing dreams on the horse they already have; I have helped many kids train their own barrel horses through teaching them not by me getting on and schooling (although I will if need be, or I’ll just hop on the back of the saddle ad show them the ropes through feel), you can’t teach feel, but you can train the rider to start noticing until it develops in them.

A horse can greatly BENEFIT FROM 30 DAYS OF JUST GROUNDWORK with the focus strictly being on calmness and respect.

30 days of gentling can do wonders before you send a horse off to the colt starter, with a gentle but firm hand to help your equine companion understand that we are here to teach but not abuse. I lean towards colts and babies that have not been handled and you do not have the time to put consistent hours of handling on them, so your colt starter can get straight to the point. I do not take on truly aggressive horses, only older horses that have not been given the opportunity to be handleable, and colts ages 5 and under that need more manners or less fear of humans.

Finishing work is something I take great pride in! I absolutely love putting fancy buttons on a horse and then helping the owner to understand those buttons and USE those buttons. Some of the finishing work I can help you and your horse with include: Neck reining, side passing, counter bending, advanced collection work, advanced softening/feel, getting them comfortable and riding in different bits, controlling speeds at all gaits, working on lazy horses, hauling, etc.

Hauling, colts to pattern (must already have miles put on them), tune ups, and patterning. My goal is to train in a way that you can get onto and ride them the same way, not making horses that only a trainer can ride.

*As of 2022, I am offering mobile training only to a select few clients so that I can keep my horses ready and at the races!

Fallon is amazing! I have sent several horses to her (4)! All to get started under saddle. Fallon knows how much my babies mean to me and always gives me honest updates and sends tons of pics! I don’t take sending my horses out for training lightly. Fallon has a ton of natural feel and is extremely talented… and it shows… I am consistently impressed with the amount of feel my colts come back home with after just 60 and 90 days. My horses are comfortable and confident in her care. She doesn’t leave ‘holes’ and she doesn’t progress until the horse is ready to. She also isn’t afraid to go back a few steps if a horse is struggling to grasp a concept. So many trainers get frustrated going backwards and spending time on slow work or the basics… However, Fallon will always go backwards if she feels it’s to the horse’s benefit. She always puts the horse and their experience first. She is firm, fair, consistent, honest, and gentle. I sleep peacefully knowing my horses are in her care and guidance. Fallon has also done an excellent job transitioning my colts back over to me and my family… always making sure we have a firm grasp of the buttons she has installed. Prior to starting their training, she always makes sure to have a thorough understanding of what the horse is going to be doing post-training and who is going to be riding them (and that rider’s experience level/riding abilities)… and focuses on making not only a well-rounded horse that is confident in an arena and on trail, but also ensuring they are going to be able to handle their job once home. Her facility is well maintained and the horses receive excellent care while with her! 15/10 recommend! – Misty


FX3 Performance Horses - Training - Photo-Sep-29-12-19-31-PM

Hauling out to give one of her students a lesson on her new horse … helping them to get comfortable together.


Fallon likes to make sure your horse is comfortable and ready to do all the things you might do with your horse once home, including hopping on bareback out in the pasture with a halter and lead rope!


Fallon starts all of her colts in a rope halter.  Pictured, this filly is transitioning to a bit.


She strives to make training fun and develop a bond with every horse she works with.


Helping a client determine if a horse is a good fit is something Fallon takes seriously.


If your horse is going to be with Fallon for an extended period (60 plus days), they will get to haul out and get some exposure to different arenas and places!



What to expect when you bring your freshly trained horse home?  Miles!  Get miles in on your horses and make ‘em yours!  One of the hardest parts horse owners experience bringing their horses home, is adjusting to their new ride, and their horses adjusting to them!  Don’t be afraid to get in the saddle and get miles in!  Pictured is client’s first trail ride after having been with Fallon for 90 days.


2 yo filly being saddled for the first time



Have fun!


One of Fallon’s students bring home the dough in the cow pen!  Hard work pays off!


From the youngest to the oldest, Fallon’s students are sure to have a good seat and soft hands, even with out stirrups!


Lots of clients like to send their horses out for training in the winter, so they are going good come spring!


A horse Fallon started, back for an early spring tune up after having the winter off!


Close to finishing up 60 days on this filly!


Back at home, this mare gets ride time in with the entire family!  90 days on this girl!



Barrel racing is fun, but earning some green makes it even sweeter!


2 yo filly in for light 30 day start


This little lady’s first ride on her 2 yo filly!  Light start so her girl could haul her out and get her some exposure this winter ponying and walkin around different arenas!  These two fit like a glove!