Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Sponsors FX3

AND here is WHY . . . “Allow us to introduce Fallon of FX3 Performance Horses, if you haven’t already met this gorgeous cowgirl! First and foremost her passion lies in training horses, barrel racing, free-lance modeling (you may have seen her in an add or two of ours!), has just as gorgeous of an eye for photography, incredible artist, and business woman.”

“Fallon is the proud owner of FX3 Performance Horses, whom Rocky Mountain Girls Sponsors. Fallon also has experience with Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp products for People, Pets, and Horses . . . she’s been a distributor since 2019! Fallon is no stranger to working hard (she has HUGE dreams). She LOVES helping all levels of riders in their horsemanship journey, from just getting their butt’s in the saddle to cruising through a barrel pattern!”
Fallon says, “The horse industry is full of opinions, so you better have one yourself!” She adds that she gained hers through many, many others’ methods, and has formulated her own through listening to the horse, asking for some wisdom, many miles in the saddle, and continuing to learn herself. With a humble heart, loads of talent, and an eagerness to succeed, Fallon is going places (and we are so excited to be fueling that journey with Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD)!



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